CSS3 animated social cube mash-up

Several brilliant examples of CSS3 animations have caught my eye recently. There are some clever people out there producing cutting-edge examples rich with beautiful animations. I thought I’d mix a few ideas together to produce a 3D spinning globe using CSS3 and JQuery. The final result is here and a screen shot follows:

Cube spinning using  CSS3 technology

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HTML5 and JQuery: A simple matching game

HTML5 has exploded!  Old news I know.  Finally, it is possible to match the swish effects once reserved for Flash.  Thus, my next project was to write a simple (very simple!) game using HTML5.  On its own HTML5 is not a like-for-like replacement for Flash. It only becomes super-charged when mixed with a strong JavaScript library and some cool CSS. Continue reading “HTML5 and JQuery: A simple matching game”