JSLint – Notepad++ integration

My previous post discussed why JSLint is an excellent tool and how it can help you produced quality source code.  This posts explains how one would integrate JSLint with the popular development IDE Notepad++.

Integrating with Notepad++

Notepad++ adopts a module approach which can be enabled and disabled as required.   JSLint is available as a module.  To enable this first select the menu option “Plugins->Plugin Manager->Show Plugin Manager”:


Once the plugin manager has loaded locate and tick the JSLint option:

JSLint plugin manager for NotePad++

Once selected install the module. This will trigger the IDE to load the plugin and request a restart. When prompted opt to restart the IDE. After Notepad++ has been reloaded the new JSLint module will be available:

JSLint options within Notepad++

JSLint options can be configured by selecting the menu option “JSLint Options” as shown above. The options screens provides the following:

JSLint options within Notepad++

Finally you can instruct JSLint to analyse a file by selecting the menu option “Plugins->JSLint->JSLint Current File” e.g.

Notepad++  JSLint results

The results of the analyse will be displayed in its own window at the bottom of the screen, as shown above.

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